About Us

MM Skyline Contracting, Inc. doing business as Skyline Contracting was incorporated in August 1987. Skyline is a local company that specializes in commercial and municipal projects, earthwork, demolition and underground utility piping. We have successfully completed a variety of projects ranging from small jobs to larger projects up to $6 million. We take pride in being innovative as well as practiced in delivering a quality product to the consumer. Michel Kelleher is the president, sole shareholder and CEO.  John Chutka is the vice president and Diane Fugate is the secretary/treasurer.

Skyline Contracting is experienced in all types of demolition and commercial construction projects including, demolition, site grading, building foundation earthwork, and installation of underground piping infrastructure; including but not limited domestic water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and geothermal piping.

Skyline has maintained a working relationship while participating on a variety of projects with Orchard Mesa Sanitation, Clifton Water, Ute Water, Mesa County, City of Grand Junction, and State of Colorado State Parks and Wildlife. We have also worked very successfully with many of the local general contractors, such as, FCI Constructors, Kissner GC, Shaw Construction, Asset Engineering, and May’s Concrete.

Skyline Contracting performed the earthwork on the 29 Road Bridge over the Colorado River for Hamon Contractors, Inc. and Mesa County Public Works. This work included installation and removal of several coffer dams, diversion of the Colorado River during excavation and compacted backfill for the bridge abutments, erosion control, subgrade preparation and earthwork for the road construction.